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Egorama Magazine

We´re are Egorama, a scifi, fantasy and Pulp comic Magazine. We want to publish a +40 pages with some great stories with spanish authors. We need money to pay the artist, to print the magazines and attend comic conventions in our  area.
Also We´d love to publish in other languages (english, French, German). We´ll have an pdf edition but We´ve no problem to mail the magazine to you.

Our artists:

We count with Lorena Azpiri (daughter of spanish illustrator Alfonso Azpiri) as portadist. Vicente Damian pencils the story To Kill God with script by kokhe Saeba.
We have two stories of cartoonish humor with The Siege by Mario Domínguez Soler (pencils) and Kokhe Saeba (script) and The apocalypse or something by Zeentury.

Scifi adventure It´s very present with Making Numbers by Nerea Luray(Script) and Toñi Gil Blueberry-Me (pencils) and with The City of Stars by Nahum Rivas Katakraos.
In The dream scripter Fali Ruíz-Davila (script) and Jorge Villena introduce a beatiful demon huntress.

And finally We have a ciberpunk tale about a woman ciborg whom is filling alone and alienated in An abandoned Project by Treveron also with a pinup ilustration by Nixarim.

Also  We´re excited to announce  We have a colaboration with spanish scripter  El Torres (The Suicide Forrest, The Veil, IDW) who has prepared a terror story.


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Nuestros Autores: Mario Domínguez Soler

Nuestros Autores: Nerea Luray y Toñi Gil Blueberry-Me

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